Week 4 – Take a photo at school at lunchtime

Photo courtesy of Kitty_FI on Flickr.

Week 4’s photo assignment caused a stir – our boys discovered that the Finnish students had a cafeteria and were entitled to sit down to a free hot lunch. Our students usually bring a sandwich from home or buy something from the canteen, then stand around with friends eating their lunch. Yes we do have some seating …  On the other hand, the Finnish students only had 30 minutes for lunch, whereas ours boasted 50 minutes. And the Australians’ canteen food made some of the Finnish students jealous:

Wow, that’s great food =D We got always like some bad tasting soups and porridge 😛 But our food is free.

Photo courtesy of tommau on Flickr

Many of our boys’ lunchtime photos centred on sport and received comments like this:

What a pity that our lunch break lasts only 30 minutes so we don’t have time to do any sports on our lunch break.

Photo courtesy of LukeS.Au on Flickr

A little diversity into the mix of food and sports photos was well received.

Very nice fashion statement your setting here! I’m sure that furry purple hat and yellow cape will start a new trend for the spring! 😀


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