Week 5 – inspired by a song

Week 5 photo assignment:

Take a photo:
That goes with the title or lyrics of a song.

Write about:
What kind of music do you like listening to? Name types of music, bands, singers. Why do you like this music? What do you like to do while listening to music? What music do you dislike and why?

The week 5 assignment resulted in quite a few sunsets! From the boys!!

Photo courtesy of tommau on Flickr

I took this photo during one of my cricket matches; I was waiting for my turn to go out to the middle while listening to my IPod. End of the World, by REM came on; I looked up at the approaching storm (which would cause our game to be postponed) and took the picture. The storm caused a lot of damage, and there were pictures of people swimming down main roads in the city.

Students appreciated the landscape photos:

This is a really cool picture I really love how the sun is shining from behind the clouds. I love taking pictures of the wilderness it’s really fun some times. Do you like taking pictures of stuff like that?

It was good to see conversation moving from what was in the photo to appreciation of aesthetics and effects. Many students admired photos of the natural environment.

There were many ‘Proustian’ experiences triggered by the chosen songs.

Photo courtesy of brentonwau on Flickr

This picture symbolises the song “In the summertime”, by Thirsty Merc. The lyrics in this song talk about the happiness and fun times of summer. This song isn’t one of my most favourite songs but whenever I hear it, it reminds me of when I go down the beach during summer and all the fun I have. Summer is my favourite season because I love swimming and being outside in warm weather.

Photo courtesy of MaTtGau on Flickr

It was surprising (or was it?) that what we consider famous landmarks  (above) were not so famous outside our country.

The picture looks beautiful even if your brother is on the way. I think that the sky, the grass, and the big rock behind your brother. Where was this picture taken?


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