Week 6 – a new perspective

Photo courtesy of Kitty_FI on Flickr

Take a photo:
Of something you go past every day and take it from an interesting new perspective

Write about:
What made you choose this topic for the picture, what makes you take an interest in the world around you, your senses in general, which is your strongest sense and why, how observant you are and the reasons for that.

A two-part assignment again.

Sometimes the familiar brought out interesting details:

One thing I always notice when I am walking up my street is that the first house on the left there is always an old man letting his dogs sniff around in the grass you can see there, at about the same time every afternoon.

The senses questions produced many interesting responses:

I consider myself to be very aware of my surroundings. I tend to get that feeling that something is missing or off and I’m right most times. My strongest sense would probably be hearing. I can pretty much hear anything from across the room, it’s really weird but I’m a good listener. And that’s a good thing. =] – MariaCamii.USA

I particularly like the theme of seeing from a new perspective; it goes well with both image and written response.

Photo by BasseFI

The picture is taken at my neighbours. I go pass their house and this window every day, and often many times too. This is a new perspective, because usually I just see from outside to inside, but this picture is taken from inside to outside. It is kind of spooky to think how easily my neightbour could spy on me on this road.

Photo by Christianfau

This is a picture of the park near my house, I walk past it every day after school, when I walk past it I always remember the fun I use to have playing on it when I was younger and it makes me think how fast you really grow up.Christianfau

Comments were consistently enthusiastic and modelled the kind of feedback that means the most – positive feedback from peers.

This is a really awesome photo. I couldn’t even tell it was a vending machine until i read the description. Which drink is your Favourite and most popular?Angelomau


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