Week 7 – Your favourite something

Take a photo of your favourite something (person, piece of clothing, fashion item, weather, place, scenery, colour, class…) – Make it interesting!

Write about your reasons for this choice, what makes it your favourite, how often your likes and dislikes change or whether you have permanent favourites.

Some ‘favourites’ focussed on objects which represented a favourite activity, and others centred on people or even a beloved pet.

Photo by danielnau

This is a place I have visited frequently over the years and have great memories of going to this special place.

Photo by TeemuLfi

This little chap is my 10 month old brother. The picture itself is taken sometime in January, so he’s around seven or eight months in this photo. This is his first time on a sledge, so thats why he has such a serious face. 😀 It’s perhaps not the most original photo, but I like it. I chose just this picture for the reason that it contains one of the most important people currently in my life. It’s the big brother’s duty to look after the younger ones, although I must admit, it’s not so easy looking after him because he moves so fast now a days.

Photo by timbau

This is my awsome dog, Her nme is Jedda and she is a little on the chubby side but I still love her to bits. We got her when she was four years old and now she is ten. She has just recently got arthritis and all she does is wander around our backyard. She is always there to talk to and she always loves a good pat.

Summer was a popular ‘favourite’, and the emotional tone was obvious especially in the Finnish students’ posts about the weather.

Photo by AnnaFi

There is some more thing about summer I’d like to mention. I don’t know if somebody else has recognize it, but I love all those summer’s smells and flavors. They’re so sweet and sensitive that you have to feel them by yourself, I really can’t explain it!:)

In my mind, summer makes me believe in my dreams. And in the middle of these cold Finnish winters, there is always something to wait, so I never get desperate!

Our Australian students were taken aback by the severity of Finnish Winters and the lack of sunshine during this season. The contrast between daylight hours during the Australian Summer and corresponding Finnish Winter was more powerfully experienced through the project than it would have been if students had gleaned the same information through books, internet or television.

For some students this was the last post because their classes were ending, and that’s one of the aspects which are unavoidable when organising global projects. It was touching to read farewells, knowing that relationships had been created albeit within such a short time.

It’s sad to see you go, It has been great seeing your posts! Thanks for the experience! 🙂
Best Wishes! – andresg201.usa

It is obvious that by week 7 relationships had developed and deepened, and that students were very comfortable with the project format, and were enjoying the sharing and interaction.


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